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ENSHADOWER隱蔽者2019AW Vol.4發布

ENSHADOWER2019 Autumn/Winter Vol.4正式發






ENSHADOWER2019 Autumn / Winter Vol.4 officially issued Cloth


This season's single style is an important item

Such as general-purpose liner cotton suits, functional suits, large pockets, rubberized jackets, etc.

And the only one-piece trousers - five generations of trousers will also be on sale in this season.


Five generations of pants






As an iterative piece, the last time it was launched two years ago, this updated five-generation trousers has changed the trousers and the black has improved the irritating sticky hair. The problem, as explained in the previous paragraph, we gradually abandoned the cotton fabric in the choice of black fabric, and changed to nylon micro-elastic fabric, which solved the problems such as sticky hair, shrinkage, fading, etc., while camouflage still uses pure cotton fabric. Through the process of environmentally-friendly high-temperature dyeing, the camouflage pattern will not fade for a long time.

In the version, the overall cutting is done by draping, comparing the four generations of pants, the number of pieces is divided into 28 pieces, the upper body is more suitable for three-dimensional, and the details are as much as possible to ensure the functionality of the loaded object without large pockets.

 At the waist, a new Durafu D-shaped buckle has been added. Two spring-loaded zippers on both sides of the bag add safety to the pocket items, and the elastic waistband is also improved to solve the problem of waist elastic knotting.


Universal liner cotton suit


Through the matching zipper at the neckline, it can be combined with a variety of models, or can be worn separately to achieve all-weather performance. Lightweight quilted linters ensure warmth without affecting the overall shape.


Large pocket rubberized jacket


The three-layer composite water repellent fabric and TeflonSHIELD+ waterproof coating have better water repellency than the general single layer fabric. Even if the first layer is wet, the middle layer of the water barrier will protect the inner layer from drenching. While the fabric is waterproof, it also has a windproof insulation effect, and the built-in body temperature meter can cope with different temperature changes.



Diagonal zipper soft shell jacket


It adopts shark soft shell fabric, which has both warmth and water repellent properties. The inner and velvet composite honeycomb design is suitable for winter wear, and the multi-pocket storage space is sufficient to meet the travel demand.


Tactical detachable suit


The fabric is made of dark-woven plaid fabric, which has different display effects under different light. The belt has a buckle that can be adjusted and contracted. The belt and shoulder strap system can be disassembled. The sill is equipped with a track quick release buckle, and the back strap is triangular. Structure, MOLLE system webbing is assembled at the arm, and the sub-package accessories can be extended.


Tactical webbing down jacket


The filling adopts the new national standard 90 white duck down, good fluffiness and good warmth performance. The back MOLLE system webbing can be used to extend the sub-package accessories. The neckline zipper has a built-in hooded design to meet the needs of different environments. The chest is oversized. Improve storage space.


Functional tactical vest


The front large pockets are hollowed out on both sides to provide warmth for both hands in winter, multi-functional tooling pockets, plenty of storage space, rich layers of buckles and rich functions.



Fleece structure turtleneck ninja sweater


The folding high-neck design can improve the warmth performance while adapting to different wearing environments. The fabric is made of fleece fabric, which is warm and lightweight. The loose upper body is comfortable, the splicing structure is designed, and the hem is sewn with embroidery. The cuff fingertip provides hand warmth.



Splash ink texture sweater


Made of cotton fabric, the upper body is warm and comfortable, and the texture is imitation.


Mechanical robot sweater


Made of cotton fabric, the upper body is warm and comfortable, and the hem is mechanically designed to enrich the details of the body.

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